Tuesday 12 February 2013

Twitter vs. Zombies using Popcorn

I had a few false starts with this software, probably because I was trying something new for me (I did send a tweet for help!) but in the end I think this is a pretty good movie/story. Would I use popcorn again? I expect so. I can see it being K-12 friendly as well (with a well thought out wiki for support).

Here is the link to the original video which I thought was fun and a good choice as a base. And here is my popcorn as my ode to Twitter vs Zombies 2.0.

Unfortunately for all of you I haven't finished mining my zombie experience so you'll just have to sit back and enjoy (or not!)


  1. You are new master of the thriller industry! Oh Gosh!
    Very scared Debbie

  2. Thanks Deb! My boys liked it. They thought it was "cute".