Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Barbie and the Seven Deadly Sins-DS106

So I have posted Barbie enacting four of the seven deadly sins to the DS106 website. I want to thank Laura Gibbs for turning me onto DS106 (even prior to our current assignment). I had so much fun with this assignment, shopping at Value Village for the dolls, thinking of the various scenarios (lust was the easiest!) to place Barbie and Ken in and finding props. I laughed like a loon while I was posing Barbie and my husband thought I was crazy (this is nothing new.)

So why this DS106 assignment when there are so many to choose from? This assignment comes from the memory of my brothers, John and Mark and their friends the "Wrecking Crew" posing my much younger sister Angela's Barbies and Ken in various sexual poses in her Barbie house.

My parents live on a farm north of Toronto and back then it was considered a rural area. My mother used to answer the phone "Ballantrae Taxi Service" since she had to drive us everywhere. So for good reason, my parents were always afraid of the teen killer 'drinking and driving' problem that afflicted the area. So every weekend my parent's house was where all of my brothers and the Wrecking Crew ( I am sure you understand why my mother called them that) gathered to play D&D, drink and sometimes pose my sister's Barbies. She was seven. On Sunday morning, there would be a cry from the hall where the Barbie house was located. "Mum, make them stop playing with my Barbies!" And the dreaded, "What's Ken doing to Barbie?" My mother, gracious woman that she is, was always able to answer these questions, even though both dad and mum secretly thought this was hilarious.

Before my parents left on vacation, I told my father of the DS106 assignment. He laughed and laughed. Today I am going to send my brothers and sisters the link. I am sure my family will enjoy it as it brings back fond memories.

Barbie and Ken will be appearing in an upcoming 1 minute production of my favourite movie line, but I have to go to Value Village again. Ken needs clothes for this one.