Monday, 23 September 2013

Headless Horseman

It's amazing what publishing your first sound does for you. It's gone right to my head and I am feeling downright cocky. So, this time when creating a sound, understanding the program was not as much of an issue as finding the right sound to do the Sound Story Project. Originally, I was thinking of the shower scene from Psycho, which gets so much of it's power from sound but I thought to myself this is a headless course. So instead, I chose Disney's version of the Headless Horseman. If you close your eyes, you can hear how frightening it is. Disney is a master at that. A childish image with frightening music and sounds. So I chose that as the framework for my piece, greatly reduced.
I used 6 different sounds to create my story: This one for the horse neigh, this one for splat at the end, this one for the wind, this one for the galloping horse (very crisp!), this for the sound of the sound of the sword and this for the maniacal laugh (quite frightening I thought.)
I imported the sounds into audacity, ordered them from first sound to last and cut some of them down to size. I used the wind sound first and used the envelop tool so I could overlay the galloping horse over top, but still hear the wind in the background for a portion of the horse galloping. I am wondering if I should have had the wind play longer. I may play with it a bit more later and try and duplicate the wind sound so it plays until the laughter begins. All of the other sounds began at the end of the others. A fun project!