Friday, 12 July 2013

Infinite Monkeys: Part III

Well here it is: My first app.

Feedback welcome!

I ended up making a document with links to my YouTube playlist and a number of blogs so that I could add some more information to the app. Publishing the app is very easy.

So my overall rating for using the program is mixed. There is an assumption of knowledge (like how to submit RSS feeds) that did make it challenging, but having created the app if I had a particular subject I am interested in sharing I can see using this again.

If I was teaching this (and I did use this video for support) I would have structured it differently. I would have talked about the gathering of resources a little more and perhaps how to choose resources (since your limited to nine icons) and different ways to stretch out the content through the use of documents, etc. Many of the resources that are used in the video were not relevant to the building of my app. As you work through the video, you can see how he is embedding already made content (calendars, etc.) with the words, "Real simple." I loathe those words as it always makes me feel 'real dumb' as I struggle to build the content required to make the app at least somewhat useful. This would be an extremely useful app builder if I was a business owner.

All in all, I learned a lot!


  1. This is post a neat project for #clmooc and also a professional contribution to your colleagues. There needs to be more work like this, especially for the little ones such as those you work with. I'd really encourage you to pull these posts together into a resource at so that we can add it to the collection.

  2. Great insight. Looking forward to your next post. Creative and innovative teaching methods are valuable for our generation.

  3. Hi Brian and Elyse,
    Thank you so much for the feedback! One of things I like to do most as a teacher is create resources for other teachers and one area that I feel is deficient in resources is technology (particularly at the primary level.)
    Elyse I have created an account on the website but I still have to submit my blog to the site. Do I just hook up my RSS feed?