Friday, 21 June 2013

Connected Learning Mooc (clmooc)

So I've joined clmooc and I'm a little late to the party. But that's ok because this is a "participate when you want, where you can, do what you want to do" mooc. A "choose your own adventure" mooc. Similar to Teachtheweb, which I didn't do as much in as I should have....code avoidance?! Plus I got distracted by a pottery project (that originated from a response to a remix of my introductory web page in Thimble by Margaret Powers in our Mini Maker sub group. How cool it that!  But pottery takes so much longer than writing something online. I've made the plates, done the pencil sketches for the designs, decided on the technique (Black slip on greenware, then painted the design on in underglaze, then bisque fired, then colour correct (wouldn't you know it, Spectrum Bright Orange peeled from the black slip during bisquing!), then it's back to the kiln for the glaze fire. So I'm waiting for the first to plates to come out of the kiln. Throw in some serious family issues and you've got decreased participation in everything. I'm still working through Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence (Coursera) and I have an assignment due on June 25th I'd like to finish for that (it actually was inspiring-imagine that!) Best Coursera course I've taken so far (would actually think about enrolling at that school just to hang with the professor!) so I need to keep plugging away at that. Interestingly, students created a Google+ group for that course on our own. You'd think with all the social media tools out there Coursera could make their forum a little more interactive. I've been continuing to participate in Open Spokes ( and we need new people if you'd like to join) as well as continuing with the postETMOOC reading blog. This month, we've been looking at Hybrid Pedagogy. If you  haven't had a look at the site, it's got some great stuff on it. They really want to get the K-12 set contributing to their thinking, so think of stepping up to the plate.

I'd like to thank Sheri Edwards (as usual- a most awesome woman and teacher) for tweeting me and sending me her blog link to this week's clmooc activities so I am back on track. What would I do without my PLN? Thanks to Vanessa Vaile for sharing her Visify project as well.

So now I have to do the dreaded task of attaching my blog to the RSS feed. As usual, there's been enough time between the last time I did this that I have to look it up again. Then's it off to explore the clmooc Google + community blog and contact five new people that catch my eye. With over 400 people in this group I know I won't be able to talk to everyone. But I am going to try.

Here is my Picassohead (thanks for the idea Sheri!)


  1. I think we are kindred spirits. Any friend fo the #clmooc and Sheri Edwards is a friend of mine.

  2. Sheri is wonderful. Have you seen her Open Spokes videos? They're great.

  3. Agree with above -- good to meet you Karen. Would love to see your stuff on Digital Is too. (

  4. Hi Elyse, Good to meet you too! How would I add what I do/write to Digital?
    Many thanks,

  5. This is the third time (going on 4th) that I've hit a wrong key and lost this comment before posting. WordPress is spoiling me because it does not lose the text when that happens. The first time was few days ago and late enough in the day that brain fog was already rolling in: I called it a day. Only just now am I getting back to the post. If I hadn't gotten to rambling, I might have managed to post the 1st attempt.

    About coding feeds: besides CogDog's guidelines on the #etmooc site, DS106 has one like it. Plus there are searchable coding help pags with all manner of code goodies.

    I wrote and lost a lot more but want to get this posted and don't want to push my luck.

  6. Hi Karen,

    Not sure if Elyse has connected with you about how to post to Digital Is, but it's fairly easy. You just sign up here: (it's free) and then you can start posting blog posts!

    Feel free to contact me if you have any trouble with it. My email is

    And great to have you with us for #clmooc.