Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sea change?

So I've spent the day reading articles people have tweeted (courtesy of Cathy Davidson) and watching the first archived Blackboard collaboration. And maybe I'm in a cyclical rut right now but I just feel like we've been down this road before. The Renaissance and the Reformation led to great social unrest (including the witch hunts) and was premised on new ideas and access to those ideas. Our global society is undergoing a similar upheaval. New ways of making a living exist that were not around when I first went to university, there are new ways to communicate, share, group and connect that bypass the traditional educational venues and traditional communication methods. Governments can be toppled by Facebook and Twitter communication. Laws are archaic and often framed to protect the interest of organizations and businesses that are knowledge hoarders, not knowledge sharers. We're in the middle of a sea change and I hope I'm on the right boat!

I have, as usual, no solutions, but a whole pile of questions.


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  2. Lorraine thank you so much for your comment but due to my error I've managed to remove both yours and mine. Sometimes it is just too easy to make mistakes in this environment! So if you could send me the link again I would appreciate it!